developing and producing natural sustainable solutions including next level natural pharmaceuticals, feed additives and premixes

Makian Dam Pars

Natural Sustainable Solutions for A Brighter Future

Our survival is tightly intertwined with animal’s health and wellbeing. With ever-growing population, demand for animal products is on the rise. All the while, the emerging infections and occurrence of antimicrobial resistance is jeopardizing food safety, public health and environment. We aim to maintain the quality of life and overcome these challenges by minimizing and substituting chemicals and antibiotics with innovational and effective nature-derived solutions including phytobiotics, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Makian Dam Pars not only creates high quality feed additives and next level nature-inspired pharmaceuticals, we are committed to make agriculture more sustainable, food safer, farmers more successful, and, first and foremost, promote animals and public health.

Prevention & Treatment

Our natural herbal medicins are meticulously formulated to ensure animals health by preventing and treating diseases and disorders affecting animals health and performance.
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Nutrition & Performance

Most advanced performance, health and nutrition solutions, utilizing enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and herbal extracts in order to optimize gut health, feed conversion and performance.
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Supplemented with premium quality vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes, our premixes provide the balance of nutrients needed for optimum performance.
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Pet Care & Hygiene

Fortified with human grade herbal extracts and essential oils, our line of pet hygiene products brings out the best version of your pet while putting their safety and wellbeing at utmost priority.
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