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Mito Fade Plus – Poultry

Herbal Medicine Against Poultry Red Mite






Mito Fade Plus

Herbal medicine against poultry red mite

Suitable for poultry



  • Garlic
  • Eucalyptus
  • Thyme
  • Chamomile

Mito Fade Plus herbal medicine is the first oral medicine against poultry red mite in the world and has a patent certificate. The innovative formulation of Mito Fade Plus has made it known as a knowledge-based product approved by the Vice Presidency for Scientific and Technological Affairs. The effects of using Mito Fade Plus in commercial farms confirm the efficiency and safety of the product. The formulation and production of this product is carried out in compliance with pharmaceutical standards and under the optimal GMP production criteria.

Mechanism of action:

The formulation of Mito Fade Plus is based on the active compounds of chamomile, thyme, eucalyptus, and garlic extracts, and the main mechanism of action of this medicine is to affect the most important stage of the parasite’s life cycle. Each of the effective and active substances in Mito Fade Plus have different mechanisms, and the combination of these substances together causes strong anti-parasitic effects.

Chamomile is one of the oldest and most widely known herbs in the world, with various medicinal properties. The flowers of this plant contain large amounts of terpenoids and flavonoids. Apigenin is one of the most important flavonoids in this plant, which, in addition to increasing the function of the immune system and eliminating external parasites, is also effective in treating skin wounds caused by red mites. Thymol and carvacrol, the active compounds in thyme extract, by stimulating blood circulation and regulating its flow and their strong antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties, keep parasites away. Also, the cineole in eucalyptus can repel the parasites. Allicin is the most important ingredient in garlic and is one of the most well-known natural insect repellent compounds. Allicin also improves immune system function.

The total of the synergistic effects of these active compounds together causes the mite’s reluctance to blood sucking and, as a result, makes it go away from the bird’s body, thus it causes more than 90% of the mites to move away from the bird’s body. By removing these mites, the bird’s stress will be removed and as a result, the performance and production of the flock will increase. Also, eggs produced by poultry will no longer get dirty by red mites. The transmission of viral and bacterial diseases in the flock will decrease and the problems like anemia and skin allergies no longer threaten the birds.

The formulation of Mito Fade Plus is such that it strengthens the immune system and improves inflammation and allergic sensitivities caused by mites, increases production and reduces litter ammonia. Mito Fade Plus increases the weight of eggs, so you can reduce the amount of methionine in the diet after consulting with the nutritionist of the farm. Unlike other common traditional methods, it is very easy to use Mito Fade Plus and it is used as a mixed powder in poultry feed.

Mito Fade Plus Indications:

  • Anti poultry red mite
  • Improving flock performance
  • Reducing feed microbial load
  • Improving immune responses
  • Reducing litter humidity and ammonia
  • Reducing stresses and mortality in the flock
  • Reducing the number of dirty eggs
  • Reducing feather plucking and cannibalism in the flock
  • Reducing the number of fly larvae and insects
  • Eliminating anemia and severe skin problems caused by Dermanyssus gallinae (red mite)
  • Reducing the transmission of infectious diseases such as salmonella, pasteurella, Chlamydia, avian pox and Newcastle disease

Recommended dosage:

1 – 2.5 kg / ton of feed

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool and dry place at 25ºC and away from direct sunlight.

Withdrawal Period:

No withdrawal period is required.

Drug Interaction:

Compatible with all kinds of commonly used medicines, additives and vaccines.


Keep out of reach of children. Handle with care and wear protective gloves, protective clothing and face protection. In case of accidental eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water


5 kg Aluminum sachet

Expiration Date:

24 months from production date

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